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Community Impact Team: Promoting Independence

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United Way of Mid-Maine’s three “Community Impact Teams” have been established to assure that decisions around partner agency funding allocations as well as agency facilitated and/or supported projects and initiatives are directly addressing the identified community issues and our guiding principles. These teams of dedicated volunteers hold our partners, volunteers, and staff accountable for outcomes. Each team has a vision statement and a set of desired community results.

The vision and desired community outcomes for the Promoting Independence CIT are:

Vision: All people are independence and have the means to care and provide for themselves and/or their families.

Desired Outcomes: Adults can live independently and safely in their homes as long as possible; adults have access to financial information and services, including budgeting, debt management, and tax preparation assistance; adults are informed about educational and employment opportunities as well as health related services so that they can care and provide for themselves and/or their families; adults have assistance to overcome barriers, such as child care and transportation, allowing them to access educational and employment opportunities as well as health related services.

The Promoting Independence CIT meets on the first Friday of every month. If you are interested in joining this CIT, please respond to this opportunity!


All United Way of Mid-Maine volunteers are Agents of IMPACT (Imagine Many People Affecting Change Today)! From those who help out just once, for an hour, to those who volunteer every day. Whether you provide office support, direct services, or sit on a board. All Agents contribute innovations, expertise, passion, and unique perspectives to every project, big and small.


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